Pearl river piano company essay

It shows the extraordinary production techniques that Hailun has mastered through decades of efforts in hiring foreign technique talents and learning from Japanese modernized production lines and process. At that time the pianos were carried in a cart with men walking barefoot to the port.

Treat of new entrants is high: It is something difficult and long to get. It is difficult for the new brand to compete on this point but some actions as sponsoring of world famous pianists, or well-known piano competitions or piano concerts can help to build a reputation.

The Signature Series is known for its "warm" tone, especially in the 6 ft 2 in cm version. Besides, our key competitor Hailun Piano has made huge marketing efforts in building a high-quality reputation in the US and European markets.

Xinghai Piano, former state-owned Beijing Piano factory founded inis registered and re-structured in as an arising new player in the western musical instrument industry. The company owns a huge lumberyard wood processing center and several factories that make piano, guitar, violin, drums, bass, woodwind instruments and traditional Chinese percussion instrument.

Yamaha and Kawai has the largest revenue share in this strategic group mapping, while the group to which Pearl River Piano belongs is the most profitable one. The piano line reached the marketplace early in Although the 50 largest piano companies generate more than 80 percent of revenue, it is far from the oligopoly situation.

Pearl River is the first manufacturer in China to receive this award. Piano is still the number one choice when it comes to music education for kids in most of the countries. It is a strong signal that Yamaha believes that the current market is quite saturated and it is trying to diversify both in product and market segments to ensure its long-term sustainable revenue increase.

Hailun Piano, the most high-end Chinese piano brand and the fastest growing new comer in the entire industry, concluded in fiscal year with It is the choice of Denmark royal family and it showed up in Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. It implies the existence of some problems in the industry structure.

Later a shelter was built to process the wood. Although the initial investment could be high, it can be easily solved with proper financing matrix and establishment of manufacturing facilities in emerging markets with relatively low labor cost and raw material cost.

Other opportunities are preferential tax policies to companies in the cultural industry in emerging markets, the rapid development of digital sound technologies and the widely-spread belief in the intellectual benefits in piano education. The Performance series also has a different action design, different rim design material spec and a great deal more hand work reflecting its position as the finest piano the company builds.

It not only reduces the unit production cost, but also dilute the cost of acquiring advanced technologies and foreign technique experts. They worked to get the ISO certification in Connections with Yamaha, Steinway, and Hallet Davis[ edit ] Yamaha[ edit ] Yamaha formed a joint venture with Pearl River in to establish a factory to build pianos for the Chinese market.

Pearl River is the first manufacturer in China to receive this award. Pearl River was one of the first Chinese piano companies to market pianos in the United States under its own company name and have been well accepted by piano teachers and tuners.

Yamaha is not in its best moments because of the huge amount of growth investment it is carrying out to rapidly diversify its operations, but still way ahead of the disastrous Xinghai Piano. This factory is east of Guangzhou in an " economic development zone ", approximately 35 miles from the Pearl River factory.

PEARL RIVER PIANO GROUP (PRPG) Summary PRPG was started in in the city of Guangzhou. In it was expanded to Pearl River and in it merged with other small companies to become PRPG.

Pearl River Piano Company

Tong was appointed the CEO in His ultimate ambition for the company was to compete in the Continue reading "PEARL RIVER. Pearl River is the best-selling piano brand in China, and is exported to more than countries.

Pearl River Piano Company Essay

After a successful IPO inthe formerly government-owned company began construction of a new, state-of-the-art, million sq. ft. factory, to which it will complete a transition in Pearl River is a Chinese piano company that claims to have the title of largest piano factory in the world.

Unlike some of the pianos we mention on our website, these pianos are mass produced. Currently Pearl River Piano manufacturers somewhere aroundpianos a year.

Pearl River Piano Case; Pearl River Piano Case. Words Jan 29th, Case Analysis Case Summary Star River Electronics is a joint venture company that has gained respect within the industry for producing high quality CD-ROMs to major software companies.

Pearl River's International Strategy Executive summary The CEO of. Pearl River hired a piano designer Lothar Thomma to create the new Ritmuller lines. Eventually Thomma had designed or helped design both of the Ritmuller series of.

Pearl River was selected by MMR Magazine’s subscribers and represents a significant achievement for our company. In recent years, Pearl River has revised and streamlined its model line with the assistance of European and American piano-design consultants.

Pearl river piano company essay
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